Specialised Equipment

Years of experience has led us to develop a suite of patented coil-handling attachments, capable of lifting and vanning coils in excess of 25mt into a 20' shipping container.

Strangs Systems' range of coil movers and handlers enable heavy coils up to 30mt to be handled, packed and moved between sites with just a 16mt forklift. They extend the capability of lesser-weighted machinery, increasing safe weight limits well beyond that of the original manufacturer.

Easy to operate, Strang Coil Lifters will increase your work rates, allowing you to consolidate metal cargoes with hitherto unachievable efficiency.

The economies and flexibility offered by the Strang Coil Lifters enable metal coils to be packed/ unpacked into containers at a fraction of the cost of a heavy container forklift — and in a fraction of the time.

They are perfect for movement around your yard, quickly and easily lifting heavy metal coils from warehouse to warehouse or warehouse to ship- side over long distances. Simple mechanical adjustments adapt the Lifters to different coil dimensions, and each Lifter can be tailored to your existing forklift fleet.

Hydraulic Coil Lifter

Hydraulic Coil Lifter

The Strang Hydraulic Coil Lifter can move heavy coils deep inside a 20' container, without damaging the container floor.

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Non-Hydraulic Coil Lifter


The Strang Non-Hydraulic Coil Lifter extends the capacity of your existing equipment, ennabling a 15mt forklift to lift coils in excess of 25mt.

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Forklift Extensions


Strang has a range of forklift extensions appropriate for lifting vertially-orietned and horizontally-oriented coiled metal, metal plate and sheet pack.

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Hydraulic Coil Lifter [HCL]

Our original model is the Hydraulic Coil Lifter, which allows a 15mt forklift to lift and move coils up to 25mt in weight, easily and effortlessly. With specially-designed axles to spread the weight of the lifter, it can easily enter a container without damaging to the floor. The HCL connects diretly to the side-shift hydraulics of your forklift, so it can easily be controlled by your experienced forklift operator.

Non-Hydraulic Coil Lifter [NHCL]

Attached to a 15mt forklift, our Non-Hydraulic Coil Lifter can lift and move metal coils up to 30mt in weight, easily and effortlessly, as demonstrated here. The NHCL will easily attach to any forklift, using counterweight engineering to increase the lifting power to almost the capability of the forklift by itself.

MecLift machinery shown for demonstration purposes only.